Foreign students now have a clear path to citizenship

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Toronto, March 18 (CINEWS): Immigration Minister John McCallum this week declared that the government would pave the way to making it easier to become permanent residents in Canada.
“International students are the best source of immigrants, in the sense that they’re educated, they’re young, they speak English or French, they know something of the country,” he said. “So we should be doing everything we can do to court them.”
The previous Conservative government had introduced the Express Entry System in order to ensure that only foreign students with education in specific fields that were in demand here could get to stay. Students who got to apply through this system had to demonstrate English or French language proficiency, Canadian work experience and would be evaluated on other predictors of success in Canada.
The Express Entry system is a computerized program that matches students with potential employers, but many students have been rejected by the program because it prioritizes immigrants who are skilled workers.
International students who applied under that system were subject to a quota which has left many in limbo. The system was also designed to ensure Canadians weren’t impacted by a flood of foreign students.
McCallum said the federal government will work with provinces on ways to reform the points-based system.
Those reforms may include increasing the number of points an applicant for permanent residence gets simply by virtue of being an international student.
It could also mean decreasing the number of points applicants gain for receiving a permanent job offer, since students often struggle to get job offers that have government approval.
It is an open secret that thousands of foreign students especially from China and India have no intentions of going back. It is actually seen as another immigration category. While it makes sense to ensure well-qualified foreign students with the right credentials and skill set get to stay on and contribute to the economy, there needs to be a way to filter out the ones who’ve come merely to learn English or are taking a Radio Officer course at a school in the Maritimes.

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