Former Hamilton broker blackmailed client to perform sex act

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Former mortgage broker Dennis (Dinesh) Khanna of Hamilton is currently on trial of mortgage fraud and sexual assault. The trial began with testimony from a woman who said Mr Khanna threatened to have her mortgage revoked if she did not perform a sexual act, she was forced to comply.
The former broker, Dennis (Dinesh) Khanna, 63, faces six sexual assault charges involving four women and one charge of defrauding mortgage lenders. He pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial on Monday.
The first witness testified she found Metro Financial Planning owned and operated by Dennis Khanna through an ad. Her poor credit rating meant a conventional mortgage was out of the question at the time.
Khanna who specialized in subprime lending was expert at assisting financially-strapped clients who often approached him for second mortgages and consolidated loans not available elsewhere.
The woman testified that after getting a mortgage through Khanna in 2010, he called her, saying he wanted to go over to her house, which she was renovating at the time.
Khanna came with another man, led her to the bedroom and according to reports insisted she perform a sex act on him.
Khanna threatened to have her mortgage revoked so she obliged.
Reports say the woman was at the time an exotic dancer at the time, making about $45,000 a year. But she was counselled by Khanna, to put on her application she worked at her friend’s company and to get the friend to write a letter vouching for her on that and on a salary that was $71,000.
She also testified that after the sexual encounter, Mr Khanna threw down $70 saying, “there, now you’re a hooker”.
She continued to work with Khanna on loans and mortgages after she sold one house and bought a new one because “I just got in too deep with him. I just got so confused at that point”.
She started with a $22,000 which eventually ballooned to $67,000 over one year.
The trial is ongoing.

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