Four Australian motorcycle riders are having a time of their life in India

New Delhi, Oct.1 (ANI): Riding on Enfield bikes, four motorcycle riders led by Rhys Puddycombe, a former Australian diplomat, are riding all their way down south from the north in Leh. They have had some rough conditions – from bad roads to inclement weather, including extreme cold conditions, but have generally managed to brave it all and come out unscathed.

They passed through one of the most difficult road conditions in the world, including through Kardung-la Pass at 5600 metres. They did acclimatise themselves before the start of their journey, in Srinagar, and then onwards to Leh via Kargil.

On a brief halt in Delhi before continuing their journey southward via Agra and Jhansi, Rhys said he was looking forward to the rest of trip as are his three friends, one of who is his brother, Ian. Their two friends, Steven Thurecht and Simon Richardson, are equally enthusiastic as Rhys.

What’s even more satisfying for them is that the quartet have raised money from their savings for Plan India, an NGO, for disadvantaged children.

They are hopeful of returning to India and make the ‘The Great Indian Motorcycle Ride’ even bigger, with plans to raise funds for worthy causes.

Rhys and Ian are going to take a short holiday in Kerala after they finish their ride in Kochi. (ANI)

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