France calls for sustainable transition in Syria

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Munich, Feb 13 (IANS) French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Saturday that a sustainable transition toward peace should be organised in Syria.

“The solution cannot only be a military one, we need to organise a sustainable transition toward peace,” Valls said while addressing the Munich Security Conference (MSC) on the second day during a session of prime ministers’ debate with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

He also said this process would be a long one, so a true ceasefire and humanitarian assistance to besieged populations need to be organised without delay.

Valls said the newly-reached agreement on Syria negotiated in Munich was an important step that should be welcomed. But it needs to be materialised.

“Only the facts matter,” he reiterated.

In addition, Valls said more than 1,000 French citizens or people living in France are now part of jihadist groups that were related to IS and thousands people have been influenced by the ideology. Even a certain number of women were taking part in these networks.

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At the end he calls for a collective answer amongst Europeans, which requires being more efficient and a lot faster when implementing decisions that have been made.

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