France resumed growth but insufficient: Finance ministry

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Paris, Feb 16 (IANS) France has recovered the path of growth but it is insufficient to reduce unemployment rate, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said on Tuesday.

Sapin was sticking to a target of 1.5 percent economic growth in 2016, noting that it will not be enough for the country to create jobs, Efe news agency quoted him as saying.

On the other hand, the French official reminded Britain that there are lines that cannot be exceeded for that country to remain within the European Union, referring to the threat of leaving the union.

He recalled that with 28 countries, there is a single market with no regulation for everyone, including financial, which is very important for London, but they also have a Eurozone which they want to deepen and no one should be able to dictate the countries’ behaviour.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron, who visited Paris on Monday, held talks with French President Francois Hollande regarding the negotiations under way to avoid Britain from leaving the European Union.

In this regard, Sapin said that France’s intention was to offer good arguments for the British vote ‘yes’ in a referendum on staying within the union.

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