Free training in tactics, strategies to respond to shooting incidents

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A free, online training experience is being offered to people to help them respond to the rising number of shooting incidents. Vivid Learning Systems of Pasco, Washington, has launched the course to help lower the body count by equipping people with the latest life-saving knowledge.

Why Everyone Needs This Training
The threat of indiscriminate gun violence hasn’t diminished; in 2016, some estimates count over 90 active shooter incidents to date. That’s why preparedness training efforts continue to escalate across the United States.

The demand for training is real.

“We serve safety professionals, and our clients have been asking for this course for several years,” said Barrett Pryce, Vivid’s Director of Message & Media. “There’s no federal mandate for this training, but we see it as part of an ‘all-of-the-above’ strategy for organizations wanting to enhance workplace safety while minimizing risk,” said Pryce.

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Why Make It Free?
Vivid Learning Systems is an online safety training provider. The company has a personal connection to active shooter violence; one of its employees is a survivor of the 1996 Moses Lake school shooting.

“Beyond the swell of internal support to live our organizational mission through this course, and make it freely available to the public, what’s unique is the testimonial approach from local incident survivors—there’s nothing like it out there,” said Pryce. “This isn’t a 7-minute training video, it’s a full 30-minute, interactive course. Everyone will learn something from this.”

Available now, Vivid’s active shooter response course is designed to promote engagement by weaving powerful testimonials with interactive scenarios to deliver a memorable training experience. Built with the assistance of subject matter experts from the law enforcement community, the free online course is intended for any audience.

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Course Highlights

  • Training is not based on fear
  • Covers related, emerging neuroscience
  • Focused on situational awareness concepts
  • Offers response tactics & strategies

The course is live and can be found by visiting: – PRNewswire.

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