French city hit by violent anti-labour reform rallies

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Paris, May 14 (IANS) Rennes, a city in northwestern France, has been engulfed by violent protests over labour reform that will see longer working hours for less money, media reported on Saturday.

The rallies, according to RT online, have been happening since March 31, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets all over France.

In the latest protest, demonstrators set cars on fire, attacked a bank, vandalized buildings, threw objects at the City Hall and drew slogans on its walls.

In response, police in riot gear attempted to disperse the rally with tear gas. Hooded protesters scrawled “War to the Palace” in graffiti, set cars on fire, played drums and broke windows.

The reform will allow employers to negotiate longer working hours and lower overtime pay – a measure that has angered French labour unions.

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It has only been a couple of months since the movement against the labour reforms was launched, but some of the rallies have been violent.



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