Fuel scarcity triggers petrol price hike in Imphal

Imphal, Sept. 6 (ANI): Prices of petrol shot through the roof by almost 300 percent in Imphal, Manipur due to scarcity of fuel.

Petrol was being sold at a hefty price of around 160 rupees to 180 rupees per litre in the black market. The actual price in the state is 57 rupees.

The state has been hit by a serious spell of artificial fuel scarcity as the stocks of petrol and diesel have decreased significantly due to heavy landslides, breaking of Barak bridges and also prolonged strikes over ILPS and anti-ILPS movement in the state.

The petrol price rise impacted vehicle owners and business community.

Local residents were seen standing in long queues in front of the only-running petrol filling station to get their vehicles refueled while other petrol pumps remained closed.

“The problem is, we have taken a token from our office but this petrol company is saying they are not giving. So, we are just discussed it and I don’t know, we are not confirm that we are getting or not. That’s the problem we are facing now,” said Romesh, an advocate.

The political and civil unrest and lack of connectivity increases prices of various commodities in Manipur including fuels. (ANI)

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