Fujifilm introduces new range of “X series” digital cameras

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Tokyo, Jan. 26 (ANI): While the market demand for digital cameras is shrinking due to rapid spread of smart phones and so on, Fujifilm’s “X series” is constantly expanding its market share since being launched five years ago.

Fujifilm recently announced new products of X-series.

“We are really proud of what has been achieved and are very excited by the possibilities for the future. But none of this could have happened without the tremendous support of our retail partners, distributers, “X-photographers”, and X series users. You have been part of this fantastic journey and I thank everyone of you for your support over last 5 years to make these cameras come real,” said Shigehiro Nakajima, President and COO, Fujifilm Corporation

Fujifilm has been expanding sales of X-series cameras because it has close relationship and communication with users internationally.

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The company put focus on usability through innovation of technologies. Actually, a lot of users from abroad joined the event and celebrated new products.

They are a kind of fans of X-series and Fujifilm that has been engaged in diffusion and development of Photo Culture since it was established in 1934.

Also, these photos showed at the event are voluntarily provided from users without Fujifilm paying money and asking for it.

Among the professional photographer who joined the celebrations is Zack Arias.

“I love them. It’s just, when I’m holding it, shooting with it, it just feels like it has a soul. It has personality. And it’s quiet. It’s small. It’s just a perfect little camera,” said Zack Arias, a Photographer

One Japanese company has developed sensing facility to monitor real age of human being.

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After taking an image of the face, this facility shows age by special algorism.

Next step is checking brain waves. This procedure realizes to monitor his balance of autonomous nervous system, tolerance to stress and stiff of artery.

It is enabled by this company’s original algorism for pulse analysis.

After monitoring 50 years old person’s stress and artery situation internal age 48 is indicated. Also its data is reflected to his face photo

“Usually, a doctor introduces figure of medical check and advice. But the patient hesitates to change his habit of life by such instruction. This problem is overcome by visualized method. It will accelerate concern to his health,” said Yoshiki Oka, Sharp Corporation

An image on the wall is reflected by a small projector kept in the jacket

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Very small projector module enables this niche and free-hand reflection. Biggest subject of this facility was focusing of image. Micro electro mechanical system enables operation of light source of leaser.

“It is necessary to reflect laser light to micro electro mechanical system with accuracy. It requires high level technology. But this facility realizes to reflect image on to uneven surface. Any place will be a monitor to reflect image. I expect expansion to ASEAN and India. We can develop market of the facility which enables free hand work or wherever reflection of image,” Oka added.

Such devices are significant for Japan’s growing aging society and rest of the world. (ANI)

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