Fujifilm releasing X70, a smaller, wider and cheaper X100

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Tokyo/Washington, Jan.15 (ANI): Fujifilm is releasing a new camera, the X70, today that emphasizes and reinforces appealing and fun-to-use aspects of the X100, which was first launched in 2011.

According to The Verge, the X70 keeps the same 16-megapixel APS-C X-Trans II sensor as the current X100T, but the body size has been dramatically reduced.

However, the trademark hybrid viewfinder has been replaced by an optional hot-shoe optical unit that Fujifilm warns is likely to be pretty expensive, the control scheme of an aperture ring around the lens with dials for shutter speed and exposure compensation up top is intact.

The X70 is the first X-Series camera to feature a touch screen. That screen is capable of rotating 180 degrees for full selfie compatibility.

The defining feature of the X70, though, is its lens, since it’s a non-removable prime without any zoom function.

Fujifilm has gone for an 18.5mm f/2.8, which is a little slower and wider than the 23mm f/2 found on all X100 cameras.

There is an optional 14mm adapter that allows for 21mm equivalence. The optical viewfinder add-on has frame lines for both focal lengths.

The X70 has a base price of about USD 700. (ANI)

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