Fujifilm to expand its domain in electronic material business

Tokyo, Oct.1 (ANI): On September 30, 2015, Fujifilm signed an agreement to acquire U.S. solvent manufacturer Ultra Pure Solutions Inc. (UPSI), which is based in Castroville, California.

Fujifilm’s electronic materials manufacturing and marketing subsidiary, FUJIFILM Electronic Materials U.S.A. Inc. (FEUS) will oversee UPSI operations.

Upon completion of the acquisition, UPSI, a manufacturer of high purity solvents used in semi-conductor-related manufacturing processes, will become a subsidiary of FEUS, to be known as FUJIFILM Ultra Pure Solutions, Inc.

The acquisition, which is subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions, is expected to be completed this year.

“This acquisition will further reinforce Fujifilm’s global leadership and commitment to the semi-conductor industry,” said Dr. Brian O’Donnelly, President and CEO.

“This is an exciting new chapter for us,” said Christopher Fitzjohn, President and founder, Ultra Pure Solutions, Inc.

Solvents are used widely in semi-conductor-related manufacturing processes, such as cleaning and rinsing silicon wafers carrying electronic circuits as well as producing and processing photo resists used in semi-conductor manufacturing.

In these semi-conductor-related manufacturing processes, the presence of impurities in solvents, such as metal ions and ultra-small foreign particles, can reduce the yield rate of semi-conductor products.

UPSI has facilities in California and Texas capable of producing select high-purity solvents meeting demanding customer requirements. UPSI also has a broad product lineup catering to other diverse customer needs. Currently, it is one of the main suppliers of these select high-purity solvents in the U.S.

Fujifilm, while focusing on the development, production and sale of photo resists, developers, cleaners, CMP slurries and other enabling chemistries for use in semi-conductor fabrication, also manufactures and sells high purity solvents.

Upon completion, this latest acquisition is a good example of Fujifilm’s efforts to focus on developing the company’s highly functional materials business, and will reinforce Fujifilm’s current strategy of broadening its product offerings to further expand its electronic materials business. (ANI)

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