Full refund for students who withdraw from college due to strike

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After five weeks of uncertainty, Ontario’s students return to the classroom dazed, angry and disappointed. However, there are some who’ve decided not to return at all to complete the semester. The province has now declared that students will be compensated for lost time in the classroom.

Advanced Education Minister Deb Matthews said Monday that students who decide to withdraw from the semester because of the strike will receive a full tuition refund — something students had pushed for before the strike began.

All full-time students will also be eligible to receive up to $500 for unexpected costs such as child care fees, rent and re-booked transit tickets.

Ontario Student Assistance Program aid, or OSAP, will also be extended into December to accommodate extended semesters, the statement said.

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On Sunday, the Ontario legislature pushed through an act that ended the college labour dispute, leaving students unsure how to navigate dramatically condensed semesters.

But for many students, financial compensation isn’t as big an issue than the sheer loss of crucial time. Dozens of students had to change plans, foreign students in particular have been hit hard, some had to cancel planned vacations over the holidays because of all the catch up they would have to do to secure good grades. It has been rough for all sides, but students by far have been pawns who are paying the price and the compensation won’t compensate for what they’ve really lost. – CINEWS

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