Furniture for a modern-looking home

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New Delhi, Aug 26 (IANS) Want your home to look modern? Opt for a bed-cum-lounger or a stylish recliner, suggests an expert.

Hari Gopinathan, Furniture Designer at Furlenco, recommends the following types of furniture to give a modern and aesthetic look to your home:

* Bed-cum-lounger: It is the middle ground between a nice wide bed and a big couch. This versatile sleep-and-lounge piece can be used as a cushy group lounger by day to a deep comfy platform bed by night. It is a perfect fit for somebody who lives alone and has friends over all the time. A party station for a group of friends at night as well as a cozy corner to spend a lazy and rejuvenating Sunday afternoon.

* Lazy boy/ Recliner: This plush, comfortable recliner will be the centre of attention in your living room. The bonded leather upholstery and foam cushions allow the lounger to offer an amazing amount of comfort. It’s perfect for reading a book or spending a few hours binging on your favourite TV shows, kick back and have a good time.

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* Three-seater sofa: Any house is incomplete without a good quality, plush, three-seater sofa. It immediately gives a formal living room an elegant look. It also helps to enhance the overall experience due to the extreme level of comfort a good sofa offers along with deep cushioning.

* Queen size bed: Every house needs a big, comfortable, plush bed to relax in at night. Fresh-coloured bed sheets and a few fluffy pillows will give a perfectly cosy look to the bedroom. Make sure that there is enough lighting in your bedroom with sufficient sunlight streaming in through the windows.

* Six-seater dining table: A family that eats together stays together. The six-seater dining table is the perfect place to entertain all your guests. Enjoy good food with your friends and family while seated comfortably in a dining area. Enhance the look of your dining table by adding a few flowers in a vase and a beautiful table cloth.

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