Future of digital photography is here!

Washington D.C, Nov 2 (ANI): The newly-developed fastest yet most flexible silicon phototransistor can take the digital cameras to next level.

Inspired by mammals’ eyes, University of Wisconsin-Madison electrical engineers have created the fastest, most responsive flexible silicon phototransistor ever made.

The innovative phototransistor could improve the performance of myriad products, ranging from digital cameras, night-vision goggles and smoke detectors to surveillance systems and satellites, which rely on electronic light sensors. Integrated into a digital camera lens, for example, it could reduce bulkiness and boost both the acquisition speed and quality of video or still photos.

Developed by UW-Madison collaborators Zhenqiang “Jack” Ma, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and research scientist Jung-Hun Seo, the high-performance phototransistor far and away exceeds all previous flexible phototransistor parameters, including sensitivity and response time.

Ma said that the phototransistor shows the capabilities of high-sensitivity photodetection and stable performance under bending conditions, which have never been achieved at the same time.

The research is published in the journal Advanced Optical Materials. (ANI)

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