Future of technology depends on self-learning systems: CA Technologies President

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Santa Clara (California), June 6 (IANS) Change, profound change, is coming in the world of software with the future of technology moving towards self-learning systems, according to a top official of CA Technologies.

“From planned to predictive systems, how can businesses ready themselves for the coming change so that they are successful in the future,” said Ayman Sayed, President and Chief Product Officer of CA Technologies, speaking at the “Built to Change Summit” here at the company headquarters.

The “modern software factory”, he said, was the key to offering tools, systems and blueprint for agility of businesses with security as an integral process of development from the very beginning.

“Security is shifting from being reactive to becoming proactive,” Sayed said at the second year of the summit which invited several of its partner companies to participate in the event.

He said CA Technologies had the ability to scale up to work in any heterogeneous environment from on-premise to Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, mobile or mainframe.

At the summit, the company announced that its strategic research team would collaborate on three projects funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme.

These projects will explore the development of algorithms and tools required to build compliance into software development process, and will enable the secure and smart IoT (Internet of Things) systems that will underpin a more trusted and connected world, a company press release said.

One of the projects would address the protection of personal data and explore how to better enable the development of code that allows companies to comply with GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, a law passed by European Union that requires businesses and governments to protect the personal data and privacy of individuals in the EU.

The regulation has a global impact and cuts across all sectors with non-compliance potentially resulting in massive fines.

CA Technologies, which earned a revenue of $4.23 billion during the year-ended March 31, 2018 also announced at the Summit a partnership with IBM to “unleash the power of the mainframe.”

According to another release from the company, CA and its long-term partner IBM will jointly develop and sell new services for IBM’s Cloud managed services on zCloud.

This partnership would enable clients that rely on the mainframe for business-critical operations to easily access development, testing, application management, and regulatory compliance services, according to the company.

“Our clients are accelerating their digital transformation and many are incorporating the mainframe as an essential part of their transformation,” the release quoted Philip Guido, general manager of Infrastructure Services for IBM Global Technology Services, who added that IBM and CA were committed to deepening the platform’s role in enterprise digital transformation.

The company also showcased at the Summit solutions that integrate advanced analytics and data science with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation into the tools and technologies that support the entire software development lifecycle.

(Hardev Sanotra is in Santa Clara at the invitation of CA Technologies. He can be reached at [email protected])



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