Gambhir’s reaction came in heat of moment, says Chetan Chauhan

New Delhi, Oct.24 (ANI): Expressing his views on the on-field spat between Delhi skipper Gautam Gambhir and Bengal skipper Manoj Tewary, former Indian opener Chetan Chauhan on Saturday said that the former’s reaction came in the heat of the moment.

“Usually some things happen on the ground in the heat of a moment and by the end of the day after the game is over they always make up and they say sorry and the matter finishes there. He (Gambhir) is very devoted captain he is a very aggressive captain and he plays cricket very hard,” said Chauhan.

Chauhan further said that Gambhir’s opinion about the spat must be considered before arriving at any conclusion.

“We do not have the version of Gambhir and he has already left for home. So, we have not been able to speak to him. Tomorrow when he will come onto the ground. We will have his version then only we will able to say anything,” he said.

“They are young players. It’s a very competitive game. Some things have happened but we have not received any report officially neither from the match referee nor from the managers,”he added.

The spat took place during a Ranji trophy match between Delhi and Bengal.The situation turned so volatile that umpire K Srinath had to interfere.

According to reports, Gambhir even pushed the umpire, who was trying to pacify him. Touching an umpire is a serious offence that could even invite a ban. (ANI)

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