Gandhian, Neruvian era realities need review: Goa Congress chief

Panaji, Sep 14 (IANS) Things which were good during the Gandhian or Nehruvian era need not be blindly pursued, Goa Congress president Luizinho Faleiro said on Wednesday.

The former Congress Working Committee member said this while responding to a question on the casino industry in Goa where he said that the Goa government’s decision to allow casinos in the state needed to be reviewed opting for an opinion poll.

“Many things which were during the Gandhian time, good, Nehru’s time, good, you have to review it and see how it is in present context,” Faleiro told reporters at the Congress state headquarters in Panaji.

“Even initially, when casinos were conceptualised, they were supposed to be in the high seas and not in the Mandovi. It is a decision, every party is involved. Today, we are putting it in people’s court. We want an opinion. We want the people of Goa to decide,” Faleiro said.

In Goa, there are four operational casinos and nearly a dozen onshore casinos housed in the state’s five star resorts.

“Just because of Rs 200 crore rupees, you want to make Goa the vice capital of India, sin city of India? I am making a clear cut statement. Most political parties in the state of Goa, directly or indirectly, have been party to this casino business,” Faleiro said.



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