Gang involved in credit card frauds busted, two arrested

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New Delhi, May 13 (IANS) A gang involved in fraudulent withdrawals through credit cards has been busted and two members arrested, police said on Sunday.

Ankit Rawal, 30, and Ankur Rawal, 32 were arrested after a complaint from State Bank of India (SBI) about fraudulent use of credit cards and withdrawal of huge sums of money, police added.

A Ford Eco Sports SUV as well as mobile phones used for luring customers of the SBI, a card-swipe machine, hundreds of photographs used for pasting on application forms for credit cards were also seized.

“Electronic and other surveillance revealed that the accused used SBI Credit Card customers’ data to induce people to get credit cards, while posing as SBI employees,” an official said.

After receiving documents from the customers on an SBI email address, the gang used these documents to fill in forms for credit cards and filled in their own addresses to receive the same.

After receiving the credit cards, they used POS machine for transfer of money through credit cards to their current accounts, police added.



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