Gary Lawyer has consciously refrained Bollywood

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New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) Singer Gary Lawyer says he has consciously refrained from the world of Bollywood.

“I’ve consciously refrained from the world of Bollywood. I’ve got no exposure to that genre and hence I’ve not gotten into it. I’ve been asked before, but I’m purely a Western singer,” Lawyer told IANS.

Lawyer has made a name for himself with rock music. On Sunday, he will play the sixties song in a stage show at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai.

Lawyer says it is a “show that I’ve wanted to do for several years”.

How do you think the industry has changed over the years?

“As far as western music is concerned, it still hasn’t managed to get that much attention in India. We’re a large English speaking country but there aren’t so many places to play western music.

“Classical music has received a huge boost because of the NCPA; it is a wonderful institution. As far as other music is concerned, it should have got a lot more exposure. There simply isn’t enough infrastructure to support the talent this country has in Western Music,” he said.



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