Gaurav Arora has now become Gauri

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Gaurav and Gauri.

The reality show ‘Splitsvilla’ changed his life and Gaurav Arora has now become Gauri.

Gaurav always knew he was different, but it was an incident on the set of the reality show ‘Splitsvilla’ a year ago that spurred him to change his gender.

“I knew I was a woman from within since my childhood. I was always attracted to men, but my fear of being rejected and and subjected to prejudice in society made me suppress my true identity. So, I would end up playing football as well as with dolls. People called me chakka (transvestite),” he reveals.

Gaurav Arora revealed  that he was raped at the age of 11. He said  he was blamed for the rape because he was different and used to dress up like a girl.

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“I was blamed then, that it occurred because I dressed like a girl. These were boys from my tuition class who were about six or seven years older than me. One day at the park, they got me to stay late and talked to me affectionately. Initially, I was revelling in the attention from the big boys. Maybe it was my innate attraction towards boys, which I am aware of now, but I was very innocent at the time. Before I knew it, they were manhandling me and molesting me and I was in pain. I knew this was wrong although I didn’t know exactly how,” Gaurav aka Gauri told a news paper.

As a child, he used to dress like girls. Arora cites this may be the reason which led to the painful incident during his childhood.

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His slow transformation into a woman during the course of several months came as surprise for his fans. Gauri, as he is fondly called, has revealed about that incident from his past.

Gauri told her mother about the incident who discouraged her from telling her father. However, Gauri eventually told her father and police was informed. “Because I was different, it was as though I had asked for it,” added Gauri.

This experience led Arora to talk openly about transgender issues. “I want to tell the world that it’s not always easy to be who you are, but you must stay true to yourself,” she adds. – CINEWS

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