Geeta Tandon fled abusive husband to be top Bollywood stuntwoman

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Geeta Tandon getting ready for a stunt.

Geeta Tandon fled an abusive husband, marital rape and many other family problems to be one of Bollywood’s leading stuntwomen.

The teenage mother who ran away from her abusive husband says she is no stranger to taking risks in life because she had been doing it all the time.

“My husband always used to say to me, ‘If you leave me, you’ll just end up doing sex work and dancing in strip clubs,'” Geeta Tandon remembers. “I made up my mind I would never do that.”

While struggling to survive as a single parent in Mumbai, she got the chance to do stunts in a film. Though Tandon had never performed a stunt in her life, she wasn’t going to turn down the chance of a paying job.

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Before long she found herself on the set of an Indian serial called Shakira to perform a stunt that involved launching herself off the edge of a building with absolutely no training. Attaching her to some wire cables, the crew reassured her she wouldn’t be harmed, but she wasn’t so sure.

“I was really, really scared but I desperately needed a job,” she says.

She leapt off the building – and to everyone’s delight, and Tandon’s relief, she pulled  off the stunt perfectly. That was the beginning of her stunt career,

Blush, the lifestyle channel for women from Culture Machine released a documentary titled ‘Geeta’ directed by Joyna Mukherjee recently, featuring the incredible life story of  Geeta Tandon.

Geeta talked about overcoming dreadful experiences in life from child marriage, marital rape, abuse and overcoming poverty to become one of the most successful stuntwoman of Bollywood. – CINEWS

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