Geeta’s ‘old’ family to accompany her to India

New Delhi, Oct. 18 (ANI): With the eyes of the world on the homecoming of Geeta, a deaf-mute Indian girl who accidentally crossed over to Pakistan around 15 years ago, members of the Edhi Foundation, under whose care she lived, will stay with her until she is reunited with her real family in India.

Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr TCA Raghavan, told ANI in a telephonic conversation that members of the Edhi Foundation, one of Pakistan’s largest charities headed by the country’s most famous philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, will accompany Geeta when she returns to India and will be with her throughout the process of identifying her family.

“She has been looked after with great affection. The Edhi family is known for their humanitarian causes and they have taken great care of her. Members of the family will accompany Geeta to India, they will be our honoured guests,” Raghavan said.

The first priority once Geeta is in India will be to ensure that she is put in the right institution until she is reunited with her family.

“Finding the right institution where she will be housed has been our top priority. Once she is back in India, we will begin the DNA tests and go through all the detailed procedure to locate her true family. We have continuously been showing her sets of photos so that she can try and identify her family. Recently, in the last set of photos which we showed to her, she seems to have finally recognized them,” Raghavan added.

Despite being taken care of by a separate family for more than a decade, Geeta cannot wait to be reunited with her true kin and is very happy at the thought of returning back home.

Branding the entire story as ‘extraordinary’ Raghavan asserted that it would be beautiful to see Geeta re-discover her old links.

The Pakistani security forces had found Geeta near the eastern border with India in 2001. Since then, she has been in the care of the Edhi Foundation.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had earlier said the Indian authorities narrowed the search down to three families who claimed they were Geeta’s kin and had sent photographs of them to her for identification. (ANI)

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