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Gender neutral washrooms have many scratching their heads

In December 2018, Yorkdale Mall joined a growing number of shopping malls, community centres and other establishments when they opened their gender neutral washrooms. Last week a reader who visited Yorkdale mall for the first time since it opened found a visit to the washroom a rather bewildering experience.

The man, his wife and children were looking for the washroom signs. The man and his son looked for the men’s room while the mother and daughter looked for the women’s room but couldn’t find it. Instead they were confronted by two signs, one explained the concept of Washroom- All Gender and there was another notice with this heading, Why Is This Washroom All-Gender with an explanation below.

They stood outside the Transgender bathroom watching as men and women and children all went inside. Finally, a janitor told them it was okay to go in.

Gingerly they made their way inside. All of them felt very awkward and guilty. The father and son felt awkward and so did the mother and daughter.

They hurried out as quickly as possible. In the next few years like it or not, this will be the future. Women will be complaining about men and boys who aim all over the place and make a mess in the bathrooms. Men will miss having urinals.

These new washrooms are meant to provide an inclusive experience for all, especially transgender people and people of diverse gender identities. Get used to it. -CINEWS

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