Geographical boundaries suggested for Uber in Mississauga

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This week taxi industry representatives as well as from Uber and the City of Mississauga came together to thrash out a framework for the ride-sharing pilot project.

It may be recalled this meeting was mandated last month by Mississauga council, the idea is ensure the best way to integrate transportation network companies (TNC) in the city, a staff report. Here are some of the many recommendations:
-TNCs be required to enter into an agreement with the City outlining the requirements of the pilot in terms of licensing requirements and training; operating conditions; fleet size restrictions; rate setting; vehicle/markings; and data submission requirements for trip origin and destination, trip volumes and response times
-The TNC pilot program be implemented on a one-year trial basis.
-Trips originating in Malton and trips offered by accessible TNC vehicles will be exempt from per trip fees due to lack of service options as noted in a consultant report
-License requirements for TNC drivers will be the same as for taxi and limo drivers.
-TNC drivers will be required to have a valid GST/HST registration number
-TNC vehicles must use an app which calculates fares based on distance travelled and the rate must be clear and transparent
-TNC drivers are not permitted to accept street hails
-A maximum of 47 TNC drivers and vehicles participating in the pilot program for regular service vehicles
-TNC vehicles must seat four passengers, including the driver and must not be over ten years. – CINEWS

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