George Clooney and Julia Roberts meet up for Money Monster

Los Angeles, April, 8 (CINEWS): Hollywood’s Oscar winning stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts have rejoined at the end of the day for the thriller Money Monster .julia-roberts-11nov13-02

The two stars, who were most recently seen together in the hit “Oceans” establishment, will be hitting the wide screen again with this interesting new film.

Money Monster , a high stakes thriller, has George and Julia playing monetary television have Lee Gates and maker Patty individually. The two are placed in a touchy circumstance when a furious speculator who has lost everything (Jack O’Connell), powerfully assumes control over their studio. Amid a strained standoff show to millions on live television, Lee and Patty should work angrily with time as the opponent to disentangle the puzzle behind a connivance at the heart of today’s quick paced, innovative worldwide markets.

Developing continuously, Doors and Fenn should figure out how to keep themselves alive while at the same time revealing reality behind a tangle of huge cash lies.

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