German court fines Facebook over intellectual property dispute

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Berlin, Mar.1 (ANI): A German court has fined a social networking giant Facebook for refusing to follow an order of adequately informing users about how it was using their intellectual property.

The court fined Facebook 100,000 euros (USD109,000).

A spokesperson for Facebook, however, said that the problem was with the timing rather than the message.

“We complied with the order to clarify a single provision in our terms concerning an IP license a while ago. The court felt we did not update our terms quickly enough and has issued a fine, which we will pay,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

The Berlin regional court ruled that Facebook had not adequately changed the wording of a clause on intellectual property in its terms and conditions after a complaint was filed by the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (VZBV), Reuters reported.

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“Facebook is persistently trying to evade consumer laws in Germany and Europe. Companies must implement judicial decisions and can’t simply sit them out.” VZBV head Klaus Mueller said in a statement. (ANI)

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