‘Gesture of True Love’ makes world debut in Times Square

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A special gesture debuted on the large billboard overlooking New York’s Times Square this week, causing widespread attention and comments.

The heart-shaped “Gesture of True Love” is formed by folding the hands gently, pressing the middle and ring fingers against each other, separating the palms slowly, using the thumb and index finger of each hand to make a circle and crossing the two circles, with the tips of the fingers pointing downward.

The “Gesture of True Love” was released by the organizing committee of “9.9 Irene international True Love Day“, which began in 2015 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the ending of the Second World War. Celebrated every year on September 9 and initiated by Goldian China, “Irene international True Love Day” is the first worldwide festival with the theme of “Love & Peace”. The event was lauded by World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations president Dhirendra Bhatnagar as a “Nobel prize-level effort and contribution”.

World peace, social harmony

The 9/9 True Love Day, which was created in a promotion to advocate world peace, social harmony and family happiness, expresses the common aspiration of people around the world: may the world be without war and conflict; may the society be full of harmony and love; may all families be happy and care for both the old and the young.

As a unique cultural symbol of 9/9 True Love Day, the “Gesture of True Love” garnered wide attention and animated discussions immediately after it debuted in New York’s Times Square, with lots of passers-by stopping and taking the time to learn how to make the gesture.

The respondents said, this gesture is like two 9 binding closely, just like people hugging, shaking hands and kissing, representing the true love between heart and heart. They said the gesture is like music, dance, beyond words, beyond boundaries, beyond skin color; everyone can understand its profound implication and connotation.

The appearance of the “Gesture of True Love” in New York’s Times Square, the crossroads of the world, is one of great significance to the world. The world today still faces wars and conflicts, climatic deterioration and resource crises, yet people around the world continue to look forward to peace and positive development.

After listening to the heartbeat of the world and the voice of the people, the “Gesture of Love” was released at this time to express wishes for peace, harmony and happiness. The heart to heart call is thought-provoking, meaningful, vivid and extraordinary .

The debut of the gesture and its continued existence is like an eternal symbol that helps focus the world’s attention on peace and positive development, in a move to create a sustainable future together.

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