Get proper ID or you can’t vote on October 19, says Elections Canada


Don’t expect to vote on October 19th if you don’t have proper paperwork. Elections Canada is urging all voters to get it all done in time for the elections.
“We’re encouraging electors to be aware now, moving into the general election, that if they don’t have two pieces of ID, they really need to act on that,” an Elections Canada official told reporters Tuesday during a technical elections-canadabriefing on recent changes to the process in.
The list of acceptable forms of identification voters can use when they cast their ballots this Oct. 19, however, is quite long.
Here is a list of what will be considered identification:

  • The label on a bottle of prescription pills, showing your name, and a personal cheque
  • An electronic bill from the screen of a mobile device, can both be used to prove an address
  • One piece of government-issued identification with your photo, name and current address
  • Show one piece of identification with your name and a second one with both your name and address or
  • Show two pieces of identification with your name and have someone you know attest to your identity

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