Get ready for attack ads from Ontario PCs

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The political ad attack and counter-attack campaigns are starting soon as the run-up to the 2018 Ontario provincial election looms.

The Ontario PCs are going on the offensive with a flurry of ads on television designed to cast aspersions on Premier Kathleen Wynne painting her as untrustworthy.

Patrick Brown’s challenge: getting voters to know who he is while Wynne’s challenge is beginning to look a lot like those faced by another American politician- Hillary Clinton who had to battle the perception of being untrustworthy.

The fresh ads show Brown with his shirt sleeves rolled up and blue tie loosened. With titles that include “Patrick Brown on the Economy” and “Patrick Brown on Diversity,” each ad ends with Brown saying, “It’s time for change that puts your family first, the people, not the insiders.” Sounds like US President Donald Trump on the campaign trail?

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The ads contrast starkly with another PC ad that is appearing frequently in prime time TV slots. “Kathleen Wynne is untrustworthy. Her Liberal party is politically corrupt,” intones a deep-voiced narrator.

The ad depicts an unsmiling still image of Wynne, as headlines from CBC News and the Toronto Star appear on a blood-red screen.

The ads are airing on a range of television networks. The spots showing Brown are also appearing on Facebook and as YouTube pre-roll ads, but the attack ad against Wynne is not in the digital space. -CINEWS

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