‘Ghayal Once Again’ will blasts like Sunny Deol’s past ‘Ghayal’

Mumbai, November 12 (CINEWS): He simmered with the pent-up frustration of things being beyond his control and glowered at anyone unjust. From being a rebel without a relevant cause, Sunny went on to find a worthy adversary in Balwant Rai and the rest, as they say, is history.sunny-deol-new

At least, box-office history. The film had released in the year 1990 along with Aamir Khan starer Dil and yet managed to rule supreme at the ticket windows. The trailer of the film’s sequel has been launched now. Produced by Dharmendra and directed by Sunny Deol himself, the film features four other teenagers, who are all newbies.

The trailer is in the form of a narrative. You are told about four teenagers and their recklessness in action and words. As expected, the fantastic four fall in trouble and in comes our Rambo to their rescue. The next few seconds of the trailer are dedicated to the wonders of Sunny Deol’s dhai kilo ka haath. He proves that he still is the angry young man as he bashes the baddies to a pulp. Single-handedly seems to be the keyword for him. Even all these years later, Sunny isn’t much of a team player, eh?
Making a sequel to Ghayal, 15 years later, seems to be a good idea. However, Sunny is playing with fire here. Ghayal Once Again can be another blockbuster or go bust. Either way, the film will make for an interesting watch.

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