Ghaziabad to have five dumping grounds

Ghaziabad, Oct 27 (IANS) Ghaziabad city will have five dumping grounds with the local municipal corporation here planning to establish zone-wise small dumping grounds, authorities said on Tuesday.

“At present, the municipal corporation contains five zones. In the present system the dumping ground at Crossings Republik, an integrated city project, situated on National Highway NH 24 here, is facing litigation in the Supreme Court,” a civic official said.

“Galand dumping ground is also under controversy after the spot became part of Hapur district when a new district was carved out from Ghaziabad,” the official added.

In the absence of sufficient space in the fast developing city, the municipal corporation has conducted a study to dispose of its solid waste zone-wise.

These five zones are Kavi Nagar zone, City zone, Vijay Nagar zone, Vasundhara zone and Mohan Nagar zone.

According to the new plan, each zone would set up its own dumping ground. The solid waste would be collected from wards, segregated and then organically transformed into fertilizer.

“Non-degradable articles would be transported for further treatment but degradable solid waste would be treated instantly in the zonal dumping ground,” Health Officer R.K. Yadav told IANS.

“Private waste collectors would be engaged to collect the waste from wards. This would speed up the waste disposal and unnecessary hassle of transportation from one place to another would be avoided through congested traffic during the day.

“This will not only save fuel but the municipal corporation would fulfil its commitment to make the city a clean city with minimum cost,” Yadav said.

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