Girls in our group are at par with boys: V company

Mumbai, Oct 12 (IANS) With a winning amount of Rs.25,00,000 and a Maruti Suzuki Swift car, ‘V company’ has come closer to its dream of going to Vegas for a world championship in dance, but when it comes to giving credit, one of the dance members say that the girls in their group are at par with the boys.

Consisting of 50 dancers in the group which hails from Nalasopara in the city, the spokesperson of the group, Rohit shared that he and rest of the members disagree with people who categorise certain steps based on gender.

“We have girls in our team who are studying and to clarify, some people say that girls cannot dance like we boys do especially certain steps and techniques but we completely disagree as the girls in our group are at par and nothing less,” Rohit told IANS.

Sharing that a lot of hardwork was involved to win the trophy, Rohit gave a sneak peak of the issues that the group had to deal with while competing.

“Coordination between the 50 of us was indeed a hindrance at times but thankfully we managed. Giving 50 people a placement, syncing, and shifting them according to the act for a better appeal was no piece of cake. We had to keep in mind that it should not look crowded on stage, keeping it clean is very important,” Rohit said.

“The time crunch was also not easy as here we had just one week to prepare whereas earlier we worked on one performance for a month. We haven’t slept for three days and we have worked very hard,” he added.

Excited and ecstatic with the win, the V company will be distributing its winning amount among the members, especially those who had to take a break from their jobs and had been taking money from home.

“The cash we won will be distributed amongst some of us who left their work and everything for the show as they have not been able to contribute at home. We will save some of it for travelling to Vegas. The car will be kept for the group, if we have to go for a meeting so it will be a ‘V company’ car,” Rohit who has also been a part of the movie “ABCD 2” said.

Thanking the people who have supported the group, Rohit shared that now the people of India know them and they are expecting a lot of work to come their way which includes work in Bollywood.

“We are expecting to get work and we might be given shows and if luck happens we might even be seen in the Bollywood industry. This win will change our group’s lives for sure,” he said.

–Indo-Asia News Service


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