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New Delhi, March 2 (IANS) Worried about tax cuts in your hard-earned income? You don’t have to. Now there is a way out in which one can invest smartly, avail tax benefits and contribute to a noble cause. All this is possible through the March2Give campaign that aims to create a unique opportunity for individuals who are conscious of doing something for society.

The initiative, launched by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India, is designed to encourage working professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen to invest more effectively.

Talking about the idea that encourages people who want to give but couldn’t due to their inclination towards a specific cause, Meenakshi Batra, Chief Executive of CAF India, said: “March2Give is a campaign which not only works as a catalyst for the lives of thousands struggling to make their ends meet but also helps individual donors in saving tax on the earned income by contributing for a cause they feel for.

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“It is one of our major campaigns introduced with an intention of growing the (number of those) giving in the country. It not only provides a platform but also an infrastructure for people to give in a credible way,” Batra told IANS.

To make it convenient, donors can choose a cause they care about and donate for the campaign online (

Batra added: “This is the right time to show the support and care to the underprivileged, for a better tomorrow. March2Give brings a tax-saving option wrapped in the smiles of millions and gets them basic necessities like food, water, health and sanitation, education and homes to live.”

The campaign is designed to inspire as many people as possible to give while providing them a unique opportunity on tax-saving options along with a feel good factor of helping someone in need.

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Being a cause neutral campaign, the donors can choose from a number of causes close to their heart: education, sanitation, women empowerment, health, children, elderly, disability and more.

An individual can get 50 percent tax exemption on donation amount with receipts under section 80G. It is also a convenient and flexible way to save tax. It will also help the individual feel socially responsible.

To ensure that people in need get genuine and on time support, CAF India only works with NGOs that are validated by the organization.

According to the World Giving Index 2015, India ranks a striking 106 in the world for “generosity”. A total of 184 million people gave to charity last year.

“Individual giving phenomena can become pivotal not because of its scale but the social innovations it can fathom,” Batra said.

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“Collectively ‘giving’ can kickstart innovations, fund any cause in building and strengthening civil society structures that make democracy work efficiently.

“Moreover, it is independent of electoral cycle and can provide long-term solution to social problems that need exclusive attention,” she added.

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