Give transformation to your home without burning pocket

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New Delhi, Aug 2 (IANS) Rising industries has given reasons for job seekers to move away from home and often settle for single, small spaces in a different city. At times, it could be challenging make such rooms a cozy and comfortable place to live in and on top of that buying furniture and other interior elements to set up those cozy nooks could cost a fortune. So do some smart deals.

Neerav Jain, CEO and founder of Cityfurnish- an online rental platform that offers a complete range of lifestyle products and consumer appliances and Sidhant Lamba, founder, Fabrento- affordable furniture for rent lists down ways on how you can give a trendy yet cozy makeover to your home without burning a hole in your pockets.

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* Ditch the conventional sofa set: While sofa sets are one of the most important things that comes in mind while setting up an apartment, opting for the space saving and various shaped sofa sets will give a fancy look to your space. The L-shaped sofa sets are a great option to make as they help in saving massive space and gives a contemporary look to your spaces. You can create that extra space in your room by placing the L shaped sofa against a wall. Placing the sofa against a textured wall would totally uplift the aura of your cozy space.

* Move over bean bags : While bean bags has been the most popular choice to create extra seating spaces, filling your space with statement chair will give a stylish and classy look. The quirky designs of the Statement chairs would further pop out if placed against a plain colored wall. And if you are wondering that such stylish chairs would cost you a bomb, then the myth needs to be broken as you can easily rent them out from leading rental platforms.

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* Comfy chairs with attached book shelves: What’s better than coming back home from a long hectic working hours and getting cozy in the comfy chair with the book of your favourite author in your hand. But its, tough to get a sofa and a book shelf at a small room, that too under your budget. This problem can be solved as you can get a comfortable chair with the bookshelf attached to it. Cozy and just made up to fit the size of your room without covering an extra space.

* Multipurpose bed: To have a cupboard, a hanger, another shelf and a bed, which will make your room hotchpotch and ugly. If you try to avoid any of these, where will for cloths and other luggage go? Besides, this could again be, not so pocket friendly. The problem would be again solved as you can rent a multipurpose bed that is a combination of smart, inbuilt wardrobe, storage space and an open bookshelf, this spaceship promises to take you to infinite and beyond..!!

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