Giving evidence to Pak on Pathankot attack will be ‘unproductive’: Defence Expert

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New Delhi, Jan. 5 (ANI): Defence experts on Tuesday said that providing evidence of the perpetrators of Pathankot attack to Pakistan would be a futile exercise, adding that talks with Islamabad cannot be held in the present atmosphere.

Strategic expert Ajay Sahni voiced his apprehension over the National Investigating Agency (NIA) affirming that it would provide evidence of the perpetrators of Pathankot attack to Pakistan, saying it was ‘completely unproductive line to undertake’.

“There is no dearth of evidence against Pakistan. What is the use of constantly presenting evidences to the criminal and asking him to punish himself, unless you are able to exert leverage and pressure on Pakistan to end this. Unless you are able to alter the equation of power between India and Pakistan, this will continue,” Sahni told ANI.

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“They are fully aware of what they are doing and adding evidence to already existing vast quantity of evidence is completely fruitless enterprise, it is not going to change Pakistan’s position,” he added.

When asked to respond on the proposed Foreign Secretary-level talks between India and Pakistan, Sahni said the entire dialogue with Pakistan is misconceived.

“It is not reality based and that it is betrayal of Mr. Modi’s promise that there won’t be any dialogue as long as terrorism continues,” he added.

Defence expert Qamar Agha on his part said that it would be better if the talks between the two Asian neighbours are postponed as of now.

“I think we should reschedule these talks as these talks can’t be held in these atmosphere, where operations are going on, militants are propping up in Punjab so it is not the right time to negotiate,” Agha told ANI.

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“It would be better if they postpone it for some more time and find out the details of these operations and then go to the talks,” he added.

Meanwhile, the NIA has said that it expects cooperation from Pakistan for tracing the perpetrators of the Pathankot attack.

The NIA team today reached the Indian Air Force base in Pathankot to begin its investigation of the three cases lodged in connection with the ongoing terror attack.

The NIA had registered three cases at local police stations in Punjab yesterday to probe the ‘conspiracy’ angle behind the attack.

The Foreign Secretary-level talks between India and Pakistan scheduled for January 14-15 in Islamabad looks in jeopardy in the wake of the Pathankot attack. (ANI)

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