Glenmark launches Teneligliptin for diabetes

Bengaluru, July 22 (IANS) Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited here on Wednesday launched its advanced diabetes treatment molecule Teneligliptin under the brands Ziten and Zita plus, priced at Rs.19.90 per tablet and enough for a day’s treatment.

“Glenmark is proud to be the first player to introduce Teneligliptin, an advanced form of treatment for diabetes at a significantly affordable cost,” said Sujesh Vasudevan, head, India business, Glenmark.

“Through this we will be playing a major role in making anti-diabetes treatment more effective and affordable for millions of patients across the country,” said Vasudevan.

Teneligliptin is an advanced new third-generation oral anti-diabetic agent employed for managing Type 2 diabetes which is effective in suppressing glucagon release and increasing insulin to subsequently lower blood glucose levels.

Other gliptin medicine brands include Januvia 100 mg and Istavel 100 mg priced at Rs.45, and Vysov 50 mg, Trajenta 5 mg, Galvus 50 mg, Jalra 50 mg and Zomelis 50 mg, all priced at Rs.42.7

“Ziten and Zita Plus help patients save approximately Rs.9,000 per year, as much as 55 percent, compared to other brands which cost between Rs.15,000 to Rs.16,000 per year for treatment. Ziten and Zita Plus cost Rs.7,263 per year,” said Vasudevan.

Glenmark’s India head cited International Diabetes Federation’s (IDF) metrics and said there were 66.8 million diabetes patients in India in 2014 who will rise to 110 million patients by 2035.

According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Assocham), approximately 26.5 percent of Bengaluru’s adult population is diabetic.

Glenmark’s diabetes business is valued around Rs.100 crore and the entire diabetes treatment market of India is valued at Rs.6,600 crore, Vasudevan said adding that Glenmark’s diabetes business is clocking a growth rate of 20 percent year-on-year.

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