GMO foods: Teen activist meeting minister in Ottawa

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Rachel Parent, Teen Environment and Food Activist, Sharing her pledge to have GMO Labelled in Canada

Rachel Parent is headed back to Ottawa. The teen environmental / food activist and founder of the non-profit organization, Kids Right To Know will be meeting with Canada’s Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Philpott. on Thursday, June 30 at 2:00 pm at the Brooke Claxton Building.  The teen was in Toronto this week at the 2016 Toroonto Veggie Parade.

Joined by Steven M. Druker, public interest attorney and author of Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, Rachel is looking forward to a productive discussion about food safety and GMO labelling in Canada.

“I’m particularly encouraged after Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent mandate to Our Minister of Health Dr. Jane Philpott about possible new restrictions on commercial marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children.”

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Yet marketing is only the tip of the iceberg: “Here in Canada, children are still consuming untested, unregulated, unlabelled GMOs in our food supply—including pesticide-laden Round Up Ready Corn, Soy, and Canola, and more recently, genetically modified Salmon and Arctic Apples.”

Building Momentum, Building Awareness

From her landmark debate with Kevin O’Leary on the Lang & O’Leary Show in 2013, to her meeting with former Minister of Health Rona Ambrose in 2014, discussions with Health Canada scientists in 2015, a meeting with CEO of Loblaw Canada, Galen Weston and addressing Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant in 2016, Rachel is no stranger to high level discussions about food safety.

Throughout each of these encounters, her goals have remained consistent: to empower young people (and their families) to make healthier food choices; and to make GMO labeling mandatory in Canada.

Considering our new Government’s promise of creating Real Change, along with Prime Minister Trudeau’s commitment to “set a higher bar for openness and transparency,” Rachel is feeling more confident than ever about representing the 90% of Canadians who want genetically modified organisms labelled.

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