GO Transit launches campaign to encourage good behaviors

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Toronto, April 8 (CINEWS): Ask anyone regularly using GO Transit and they all have their pet peeves ranging from fellow commuters littering, talking loudly among themselves or on cellphones and commuters who place feet, bags or both on empty seats. Eating foods with strong odors or people wearing sickening perfumes are also things commuters find irksome.
For the long suffering GO Transit commuters, relief may soon be on its way. Starting next week commuters will see posters on GO vehicles and stations, videos and social media messaging including the hashtag #etiquettefail. Its cheeky approach is in the vein of an award-winning anti-smoking promotion called, “Quit the Denial.”
This courtesy campaign, are a result of an online survey conducted last fall is designed to make commuters aware of any behavior that brings grief to their others.
Many of the offences aren’t ticketable apart from littering and placing feet on the seat. So all the more reason commuters need to display a modicum of courtesy to their fellow travelers.

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