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Google brings lighter version of Google Photos

San Francisco, July 25 (IANS) To help users store photos in handsets having less storage and unreliable Internet connection, Google has introduced a lighter alternative to Google Photos called “Gallery Go” that weighs just 10MB.

The photo gallery app is designed to work offline and automatically organise photos using Machine Learning (ML) and help first time smartphone owners easily find, edit, and manage photos, without the need for Internet or Cloud backup.

“Gallery Go was designed to help you manage your photos using less data. And at just 10 MB, the app won’t slow down your phone and leaves space to store more memories,” Ben Greenwood, Product Manager, Google Photos wrote in a blog-post on Wednesday.

The light app comes with editing tools for instant fixes along with a variety of filters.

Gallery Go is available in the PlayStore for devices running Android 8.1 (Oreo) or higher.

“While the app is available worldwide, some features such as ‘organising photos’ by people aren’t available in all countries,” Greenwood added.

Details about the wider roll-out of the features currently unavailable for everybody remain undisclosed as of now.

Previously, companies like Facebook and Twitter have also rolled-out “Lite” versions of their main apps.

Google has also done something similar on the operating system (OS) level with Android Go — a lightweight Android-based OS designed to run on cheaper smartphones.




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