Google unveils a new medical wristband that tracks health

Washington, June 24 (ANI): Google has announced that it is working on a medical-grade fitness tracking wristband.

According to the Verge, the device measures vitals like heart rate, pulse and skin temperature continuously and it will also measure external information like sun exposure.

The device is the product of Google X, the experimental group within the search giant that is responsible for projects including Google Glass, its driverless cars and Project Loon.

The device will not be available to general consumers. Instead, Google intends for the device to be used in clinical trials and prescribed to medical patients. This will help doctors tackle the problem of reliably tracking the health of their patients away from the hospital.

Consumer-grade fitness trackers do not offer the medical-grade accuracy and patients can be unreliable when it comes to reporting their own vitals.

Google X is already working has a number of medical projects. In 2014 the company announced that it was working on a contact lens that can monitor diabetes patients’ glucose levels. (ANI)

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