Government not serious about Chinese incursions: Congress

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New Delhi, July 4 (IANS) The Congress on Tuesday slammed the Narendra Modi-led government and said it was not serious about Chinese incursions.

“On one hand, PM Modi goes on foreign trips, and on the other we have seen incursions from the Chinese side, and our government is not serious about it,” said Congress Spokesperson Ajay Maken.

“In reply to incursion, our government says it is transgression. When you yourself are downgrading the Chinese incursion, then how will you fight,” Maken said.

“First of all, they have to understand that these are Chinese incursions and looking at this, our government has to take aggressive steps diplomatically. But our government is not accepting it as an incursion, they call it transgression,” he added.

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Makensaid: “Home Minister Rajnath Singh had earlier denied it to be an incursion. Our government should be prepared for any outcome on the ground. They have only indulged in talking and giving speeches.”

“There is no change on the ground, be it on the issue of Pakistan border or China border. There is continuous incursion from those sides, infiltrators are coming and these have been on a record high,” said Maken.

“But there is no response from the government, they only give statements. There is no reply on the preparedness of the government. Had the government taken proactive measures, then there wouldn’t have been so many incursions.”

“The budget allocation on the mountains for the armed forces has not been spent properly,” he added.

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