Grace Kelly Beauty introduces MiniPoryl in makeup line

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Organic airbrush makeup company Grace Kelly Beauty – of Laguna Beach, Calif. –  will be the first in the world to use MiniPoryl in a product with the launch of their Flawless airbrush makeup line this summer. MiniPoryl is a revolutionary pore treatment ingredient that shrinks the size of pores permanently over time.


MiniPoryl is an anti-aging, anti-acne pore refiner that biologically shrinks pores instead of temporarily filling them. Grace Kelly Beauty will be utilizing MiniPoryl in their quest to revolutionize the airbrush makeup and beauty worlds. The Flawless makeup line focuses on ingredients that make the products “More than Makeup,” creating a skincare treatment as well as makeup.

“MiniPoryl is absolutely life-changing,” said Kelly Burke, CEO of Grace Kelly Beauty. “With MiniPoryl, the airbrush makeup becomes so much more than makeup. You can sleep in it; it’s that good for you.”

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“From an external standpoint, this is so exciting,” said Susan Raffy, a chemist helping to develop the Flawless airbrush line. “It’s going to revolutionize the face of beauty as we know it.” Adding ingredients like MiniPoryl to makeup is one way Grace Kelly Beauty is seeking to change the world of makeup. Adding skincare to makeup makes the makeup more effective long-term. Grace Kelly Beauty wants to make skin-friendly airbrush makeup accessible to a wider range of audiences. With a focus on skin health in addition to beauty, Grace Kelly Beauty is transforming how women look at makeup and beauty as an industry. – PRNewswire

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