Grand alliance is never an easy process: Salman Khurshid

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Jaipur, Jan 28 (IANS) Senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid on Monday said forming a grand alliance is tough.

“Grand alliance is never easy. We can’t predict that in future there will be no trouble for us if we form alliance,” the former Union Minister said here.

“Before it comes in place formally, crucial negotiations and discussions are organised. Therefore, it is not easy. However, we shall show that the alliance succeeds as all these issues are matters of functionality,” he added.

Khurshid said the idea of grand alliance has been conceptualised to “stop the anarchy in the country under the present government”.

Answering a query that why Congress needs an alliance even if it is performing well, he said, “A few political parties have decided to form alliance as they felt that the country is in danger at present. Under present rule, the ‘idea of India’ has been taken out of its core. We need to stop this unitedly.”

Meanwhile, another senior Congress leader also advocated the cause of alliance formation in the country while speaking at Jaipur Literature Festival, saying that all historic and major decisions were taken under the working tenure of alliance governments in India.

Right from Pokhran-II to the India-Pakistan talks to Right to Information, all these major decisions were taken under alliance government, Sibal said.

“However, a ‘strong government’ gave a decision like demonetisation. A strong leader encroached on everything and left no scope for others to share their decisions. The sedition law was used at its maximum under this strong leader,” he added.

“Now, we are forming state-level alliances. However, we will contest one-on-one with our political rivals wherever it is possible,” he added.

Sibal also said 2019 elections would not be not easy, and it would be difficult to touch the comfortable figures of majority.

Discussing his book “Shades of Life”, he said: “In my book, I have reviewed the working of the present government in the last four and a half years based on statistics. I have made an attempt to project the fact that where have we come from and where we were four and a half years back.”



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