Granting asylum to Assad would be easier than sheltering Snowden: Putin

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New York, Jan 13 (ANI): Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted that he may grant asylum to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and compared it to the situation of American defector Edward Snowden.

Putin said that it was ‘more difficult’ to grant asylum to Snowden than it would be in the case of Assad, Fox News reports.

He said that, however, first the Syrian population should vote following which he would see if Assad has to leave his country if he loses the election.

The Russian President rejected what his American counterpart said about the United States being the ‘chosen nation’, saying that he does not take it seriously.

He even recited part of a German classic from the 1800s in its original language from memory.

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Russia is also carrying out drone strike in Syria to bomb ISIS strongholds and well as Assad’s opposition groups.

Putin has been accused of killing civilians in the process. (ANI)

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