Grant’s whisky signs common man as India brand ambassador

New Delhi, July 10 (IANS) Grant’s, a blended scotch whisky brand from the spirits company William Grant & Sons, have announced the signing of their first ever Indian brand ambassador, Rohan Bhardwaj, who won their ‘The Awesome Job’ campaign.

Gurgaon-based Bhardwaj was voted by his friends as the perfect candidate for the campaign and was chosen on the basis of his ready wit, charm, confidence, pleasing demeanour, and wanderlust as well as knowledge and passion of spirits, read a statement.

He will be travelling to Scotland with his friends who nominated him for this job.

“Rohan is a strong, passionate man, who will now become the new advocate for the brand. This announcement also brings to an end a whirlwind experience of finding the best candidate for the post. He is the perfect ambassador to talk about drinking responsibly, tastefully and together and personifies all the attributes that the India representative of the brand should possess,” said Shweta Jain, the India marketing director at Grant’s.

Commenting upon his selection, Bhardwaj said: “I’m simply ecstatic about the new role that I’m about to take on. The journey to the top spot for the past few months has been thrilling and has helped me get familiar with Grant’s, it heritage, philosophy as well as aspirations to expand its outreach in India.

“I feel privileged to be associated with a legendary brand like this and look forward to driving the brand’s footprint in the market with a firm focus on the ideology of Grant’s,” he added.

Bhardwaj’s role entails supporting the growth and proliferation of the brand’s award-winning and globally renowned range of whiskies in both value and volume. He will become a part of a network of brand ambassadors who share this common goal to develop the brand’s repute in international markets across the world.

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