Greece won’t repeat mistakes that led to economic crisis: PM

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Strasbourg (France), Sep 11 (IANS) Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Tuesday his country would not repeat the mistakes that led to his country’s economic crisis.

Tsipras said Greece’s exit from the last adjustment programme did not mean the country would be returning to its past, reports Efe news.

“We are determined to avoid the mistakes and behaviours of the past which led to the crisis,” said Tsipras during a debate held in the European Parliament here.

He vowed to “continue our reform efforts”, saying crises can be solved through solidarity and without destroying “the social fabric,” something which his country had demonstrated.

Tsipras warned of the rise of the far right across the continent and advocated reform in order to confront it.

The Prime Minister said racism and xenophobia were “becoming the dominant political discourse in traditional conservative political forces”.

He also touched on migration, saying Greece had done “what it could” to help manage the flow of migrants, while denouncing other countries for “creating barriers.”

Tsipras said Europe did not need more borders, but it did need a stronger European Parliament and stronger European institutions.

“We need an obligatory social pillar, we need a reform of the asylum system and a just sharing of the burden,” he said.

“We should not let Europe slide back to the past.”



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