Greek PM backs down on handful of bailout creditors’ demands

London, July 1 (ANI): Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is insisting on a handful of changes on the bailout creditors’ conditions offered last weekend that may thwart a deal, according to a letter that he sent last night.

According to Financial Times, the two-page letter elaborates on Tuesday’s surprise request for an extension of Greece’s now-expired bailout and for a new, third rescue worth 29.1 billion pounds.

The letter was sent to the heads of the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank.

Senior eurozone officials involved in the talks warned Tsipras’s remaining demands in the letter would have “significant fiscal impact” and may not be acceptable to the creditors as they were “not a handful of minor changes”.

Tsipras’ letter says Athens will accept all the reforms of his country’s value added tax system with one significant change: keeping a special 30 percent discount for Greek islands, many of which are in remote and difficult-to-supply regions. (ANI)

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