Greek port workers strike over privatisation

Athens, Oct 22 (IANS) Members of the worker’s union of Greek ports on Thursday went on a 24-hour strike against the privatisation of these facilities, which include Piraeus, the country’s key port.

In a statement, the federation of port workers said its goal is to avoid any sales process, ensure labour relations through collective bargaining and ensure a sustainable pension system, EFE news reported.

The union claims that the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras initially brought great hopes of the development of ports, privatisation and general issues such as labour relations, but soon expectations and hopes were unfulfilled.

Workers organised a rally in the town of Piraeus, near Athens, and from there marched to the mercantile marine ministry.

The agreement reached between the Greek government and the international creditors in July in exchange for the third bailout programme includes the creation of a privatisation fund worth 50 billion euros ($56 billion), half of it for the recapitalisation of banks.

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