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GTA mayors to lobby for tougher sentences related to gun violence

While some thinking discontinuing the controversial carding caused a spike in gun violence, others believe lenient sentencing isn’t much of a deterrent for gun-wielding criminals. This week GTA mayors held a meeting in Toronto where all mayors pledged to lobby for tougher bail laws and sentencing for “repeat offenders who are caught engaging in gun violence and trafficking illegal guns.”

The meeting was attended by Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, Toronto Mayor John Tory and Peel Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah.

“We believe it is important to send a clear message that gun violence is not acceptable and those who engage repeatedly in it will face real consequences from our justice system,” the joint statement said.

The joint statement from the GTA Mayors and Regional Chairs urging all governments to take further action to help stop gun and gang violence.

According to a tweet from Tory, the meeting was to talk about how politicians and police chiefs can collaborate on tackling gun violence.

The statement following the meeting, which also included representatives from the Ontario government, said that the GTA mayors and police chiefs committed to “jointly advocating” over the coming months for more funding from the federal and provincial governments to pay for community initiatives, including related to mental health and substance use.

The meeting followed the provincial government announcing $20 million to help combat guns and gang activity in Peel Region on January 24. -CINEWS


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