GTA shoppers could soon get Costco products without visiting it

comfortUp until now, the only way a non-member could get Costco products was to go shopping along with a Costco member or have them buy it on their behalf.

Some Costco members dread having to devote a portion of their day shopping especially on a weekend, but that may soon be a thing of the past. A start-up known as dutifully shop for customers and bring it to their doorstep for a small $10 fee.

With time becoming more of a premium for so many residents in the GTA, such a service comes as a boom.

Shopping at big box stores requires both time and patience. But it all seems worth it when one sees the savings.

But then again, to save $40 on a shopping expedition to Costco and spend two hours or more shopping and commuting to-and-fro doesn’t seem worth it to many people. No wonder the man behind this venture is confident that there will be enough people willing to save $10 less if that means freeing up their time.

For now the service is only limited to a section of the downtown core, west of the Don Valley Parkway. But with inquiries coming in from other parts of the city, the service could expand.

The most popular items ordered through are avocados, toilet paper and dishwasher detergent and lots of chicken. – CINEWS

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